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Dehydrates Inc has been distributing quality food ingredients throughout North America, since 1985.

Linking our global network of partner growers to the world’s leading food manufacturers in numerous categories, Dehydrates plays a critical role in the advancement of the food industry.

Although initially specializing in the wholesale dehydrated vegetable sector, Dehydrates now extends its product line to numerous fruit, spice, herb and health products.

Quality products and competitive pricing,  with dependable, timely and friendly service, are trademarks of customers’ experience with Dehydrates.

Our satisfied customers range from  manufacturers, to food service, and include institutions, pet food companies, health food and vitamin/supplement companies. Our food manufacturing customers span the gamut of the industry, including soup, salad dressing, sauce, rubs & seasoning, pasta, cheese, beverage, snack,  ready meals, and instant food companies.

We welcome your business and your partnership in introducing premier quality products to the world at large.




Dehydration is the process of removing water from an entity, usually for the purpose of preventing spoilage by bacteria which are sustained by the presence of water, or for the purpose of decreasing the weight of an entity. Dehydration is  typically accomplished by any of three methods:

Air-Drying  is just that- allowing the material to dry in the most natural of ways, often with the aid of a heat source that when applied to the product, removes [most of] the water; a significant element of the composition of most foods. This is the simplest and most cost-efficient method of dehydration. However, the heat involved in this process is likely to alter the natural characteristics of the food, as would any cooking process.

Freeze-Drying  is an innovative, while more costly process by which the moisture in a food is frozen, and subsequently converted directly to gas form, without first becoming a liquid. This change is the process called sublimation, and is facilitated by altering the air pressure in the environment of the treated food. Skipping the liquid stage in the process of converting solid to gas avoids the change of properties that occurs in heat applied dehydration and cooking. Thus original properties of the solid are maintained, while having removed [almost] all hydration, creating lengthy shelf life and a fraction of the original weight. Simple reconstruction of the original form is accomplished by introducing a small amount of water

RayTM Pilot Plant Freeze Dryer by GEA


Spray-Drying is the process by which heat is applied to a sprayed liquid solution of the product to be dehydrated, and thereby, a powder is formed and the water is vaporized. This process is ideal for foods that are more water based than others, making the air drying process a cumbersome process with sub-prime output.

Sample Spray Drying Machine by MecKey® Machinery



Many products require sterilization treatment to lower or eliminate the level of unwanted microbiological substances that naturally develop. Any one of several methods may be employed to achieve this result, including:


-ETO (ethylene oxide)


Irradiation is the most common form of sterilization, especially in the US.

ETO is common in the case of spice products. It involves a chemical process that disrupts the reproduction of microbes.

Steam is seen as the safest method with minimal chemical or radiological residue. The sophistication of this method makes it the most costly, as well.

It is important to note, that a number of products are naturally sterile or low in microbes, and therefore do not require treatment. The levels of microbes that are deemed safe and acceptable depend on the particular intended application of the product as well as the government regulations in the place of production or marketing of the product.


Dehydrates Incorporated unifies an intricate integrated network within the food ingredient production industry.

Our partner growers, both domestic and abroad in over 20 countries, are carefully selected to insure constant quality improvement in meeting international standards for production. We aim to offer multiple options of sourcing for each one of our products, to fulfill customer specifications regarding origin of crop.

Our laboratory affiliates are readily available to quantifiably insure the quality and safety of our products with cutting edge technology.

Transport of products in a timely fashion is due to our elaborate range of affiliates at sea, on the rail, and on trucks throughout the USA.


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