Leeksallium ampeloprasum

Dehydrates Incorporated Leek products are made with premium quality Leeks grown in China

Did you know? Leeks are a nutritional source of Vitamins B9 (Folate) and K

Manufacturers looking to fortify their product with these nutritional components may consider infusing their recipes with Leek product.

Leeks are offered in Flakes, Dices Granules and Powder form.

This product is offered dehydrated by either air-dry or freeze-dry methods.

Please let us know how we can tailor our product to your most exacting specifications, such as organic offerings, alternative cuts, microbe treatment, custom packaging and labeling.

All Dehydrates Incorporated products are available from multiple sourcing options, and are certified Kosher, Halal, and non-GMO.

Contact us at info@dehydratesinc.com, or via our online contact form, to request samples and specification sheets, or to inquire regarding your customized Leek product.