Dehydrated Citrus Peel -Organic & Conventional

Wholesale Dehydrated Lemon Peel in Bulk Packaging

Hot Spice Category Item

Dehydrates is proud to offer quality dehydrated Lemon Peel and Orange Peel, product of USA, to our growing list of Spice Distributor’s throughout the USA and Canada. Granules and powders in standard and custom specification available. Our Organic Orange Peel and Organic Lemon Peel products are growing in popularity, as well in complimenting the finest organic creations.

Aside from bulk spice distribution, these products are extremely popular in the Confectionary sector in the production of gourmet desserts, creams and garnishes among others…

Contact us today to reserve your requirements of the September Crop which is just around the corner.

Meal Packing Ingredient Supplies – Charity Events & Organizations


Join the group of nearly a dozen Charity, Soup Kitchen, Disaster Relief, and Meal Packing Event Organizations that have incorporated Dehydrates Inc Product into their charitable efforts. Our Deluxe Dehydrated Vegetable Blend is a most popular product for this category, providing an array of nutritious vegetables at low cost, easily packed and easily rehydrated. Carrot flakes and Apple dices are other top ingredients in this category.

Dehydrates is committed to offering  discounted prices toour non-for-profit clients, as our share in the wonderful work done by these organizations. Inquire today and allow us to help you bring food to the so many in need.

Cauliflower Powder

Wholesale Dehydrated Cauliflower in Bulk Packaging

As the market for Cauliflower Powder tightens in anticipation of this year’s harvest which is due to begin in a few months for our European growers, we would like to keep our customer’s ahead of the game.

Please contact us if you are still in need of product before stocks dwindle.

Also, book your requirements for the Fall 2019 Harvest now, as this product once again proves to be a most sought after item in our new age of health- motivated product development.


non Chinese Product and Tariff Free Chinese Product

Dehydrates Inc is dedicated to it’s mission of offering multiple sourcing options for most products, in an effort to save our clients the cost of new tariff increases on Chinese product.

Dehydrates also offers remaining lots of cost efficient Chinese product that are still exempt from additional tariffs, due to early entry into the USA or those that are categorically tariff free..

Inquire within for details.

New Product Offering: Dehydrated Okra

Dehydrates Inc is proud to announce to the food ingredient industry at large, the offering of our newest ingredient- Dehydrated Okra.

Okra is  a nutritional source of Vitamins A and C, as well as Dietary Fiber and the mineral Manganese.

Dehydrates Okra is sourced from India & China, and will be available this June.

Contact us today to reserve your necessary quantities.