R&D Hub – Ingredient Formulation Consulting

Dehydrates Inc boasts over 30 years of professional experience in the food ingredient industry. Aside from supplying ingredients to hundreds of clients in numerous fields, Dehydrates Inc is a critical resource in the field of ingredient formulation, helping R&D and/or purchasing agents understand what will make their product a success. Whether it be target nutritional values, physical consistency, appearance, solubility or tase, we are here to guide you developing the ideal combination of quality, natural ingredients.

We have provided below, some useful resources to help ingredient buyers and/or R&D agents understand the basics, and from there, be equipped with the right questions to be asked when contacting us for Ingredient Consultation.

First, we developed a Purchasing Department FAQ, from the questions we have been dealt.

  • What  dehydrated vegetables, spices and herbs, contain the highest quantities of Vitamin K?
  • What is the difference between flakes and granules, with regards to dehydrated vegetables, herbs and spices? How will the various cuts affect the consistency of my product?
  • Should my product incorporate Spray Dried Fruit Powder, Freeze Dried Fruit Powder, or Freeze Dried Fruit Powder? 
  • What will be the increase in costs for my product to be converted from using Conventional Dehydrated Fruit to Organic Dehydrated Fruit?
Wholesale Organic Dried Vegetables
Dehydrated Vegetables, Fruit,
Spices and Herbs with the
highest amounts of select
Vitamins and Minerals.
You might be surprised!

Vitamin ACarrotKaleSpinach
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)SpirulinaLentilsChickpea
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)SpirulinaSweet Potato
Vitamin CRed Bell PepperKaleBroccoli
Vitamin KKaleSpinachSweet Potato
ProteinLentilChickpeaGoji Berry
Dietary FiberSageGoji BerryLentil
CalciumCinnamonSesameGoji Berry