Dehydrates Incorporated offers various spices, spice blends and seasonings in both standard and custom presentations. 

 Our Range of Dehydrates Spices and Herbs is displayed below. 

Please let us know how we can tailor our product to your most exacting specifications, such as organic offerings, alternative cuts, microbe treatment, custom packaging and labeling.

All Dehydrates Incorporated products are available from various grower countries, including India, England, Vietnam, Egypt and China. Our spices are certified Kosher, Halal, and non-GMO.

Contact us at info@dehydratesinc.com, or via our online contact form, to request samples and specification sheets, or to inquire regarding your customized Spice product

Looking to buy bulk organic herbs and spices in a cost-effective way? Dehydrates Inc. is your destination, offering dehydrated herbs and spices at the most competitive of prices. Our products offer an unparalleled value with a perfect combination of superior quality, refined processing methods and amazing pricing.

A diverse array of product options, the finest quality, and consistent improvement measures

Our diverse array of dehydrated spices and freeze dried herbs, wholesale, provide the variety you are always searching for. No matter what type of spice, seasoning or blend you are looking to source, quality is guaranteed across our selection of presentations which includes powders, granules, dices, flakes and more. We make committed efforts to challenge ourselves in meeting the ever emerging needs of different customers. Our professionals are continuously exploring innovative methods to improve quality, thus making our products unique.

Hygienic and eco-friendly environment, advanced equipment and techniques

Our products are processed in an allergen free, eco-friendly and hygienic environment using the most sophisticated equipment, machinery and techniques. Safety and reliability are two prominent qualities of our bulk organic herbs and spices. Our ever expanding client base is comprised of leading manufacturers, institutions, health food services, supplement companies, pet food companies and many more.

If you are looking to buy high quality and reliable dehydrated spices and freeze dried herbs, wholesale, you can rely on us.


Dehydrated Spice & Herb Range

AlfalfaGIngerRed Clover
AllspiceGinseng RootRosemary
Beet RootLicoriceSesame
CardamomMarjoramStevia Root
CarrawayMint LeafSunflower
Celery SeedMustardTarragon
ChiaMustardTea Leaves
CorianderParsleyWild Yam Root
CuminPepper, Black
Dill SeedPepper, Green
Dill WeedPepper, Pink
FennelPepper, Red (Cayenne, Chili)
FenugreekPepper, White
GentianRaspberry Leaf