Health and Neutraceuticals

Green Superfood Powder Suppliers

Introducing Dehydrates Inc’s newest portfolio, offering the most sought after products in this category. Superfoods and beyond, these products are sure to enhance your product marketed toward the health food industry.

Barley Grass

Bilberry / European Blueberry/ Huckleberry


Goji Berry

Jerusalem Artichoke / Inulin


Oat Grass

Pea Protein Isolate


Wheat Grass

Looking to procure safe and reliable dehydrated health and neutraceutical ingredients? As a leading green superfood powder supplier in the USA, Dehydrates Inc. offers premium quality products at guaranteed competitive prices for a wide range of supplement companies, food manufacturers, pet food companies and health food services.

What makes our superfoods unique?

Our superfoods are processed in a hygienic environment using ethical practices. Advanced methods of quality assurance are employed with the utmost accountability to retain the optimal quality of each product. We offer safe and reliable products with extensive shelf life. All undesirable microbes and dangerous components can be reduced or eliminated with the help of the ideal treatment method.

Stringent laboratory testing, natural processing methods, and nutritional data

Stringent quality checks are performed before making our products available for customers. It is our promise to maintain 100% purity of all our superfoods. Our product range is quite vast and you can find our products highly affordable. As a renowned green superfood powder supplier in the USA, Dehydrates Inc. offers honest information regarding nutritional data. Contact our customer service to address your questions and interest in this class of our product line.

If you are interested in buying quality dehydrated superfoods in USA at the most competitive prices, contact us today.